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Chief Strategist and Founder

Mike has over twenty years experience in the independent school world.  He has served as principal, division head, dean, AD, college counselor and History/Econ Instructor. Mike loves to help schools innovate and look toward the future.  He also loves working with school leaders on incremental school change and cultural transformation.  Among the projects he loves working with schools on include:

  • Working with leadership team on strategic development and hiring for innovation

  • Podcast mediums to extend school brands 

  • Building complementary online/hybrid learning systems

  • Revenue generation through new, best in class programs/enrichments




Dr. Bonnie Traymore has extensive experience at educational, non-profit, and for-profit institutions. With a background in sales and marketing, 20 years of independent school teaching and administration at top independent schools in the U.S.A., a college advising practice, and a recent career coach  and practice, Bonnie’s varied and unique background will help you identify and launch strategic initiatives that add value to the independent school experience. Her areas of expertise include:


  • Community outreach and service

  • Value-added services for alumni

  • Experiential learning and internships

  • Serving LD students at independent schools

  • Program start-ups at independent schools

  • Serving international students at independent schools

Tami Shelley.jfif

Dr. Tami Shelley

Consultant in Early Childhood

and Reading Education

Dr. Shelley is Assistant Professor for Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Reading at Auburn University-Montgomery. She earned her Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education at Auburn University. Prior to her career at the University, Dr. Shelley was the Principal of Lower School at Trinity in Montgomery. She is responsible for the design and execution of the initial Pre-K 4 program at Trinity. She specializes in research-based faculty instruction and change leadership. 

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