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Metamorphosis: 9 Steps to Transform your Faculty with Authentic and Accountable PD

October, 2020

PD at our schools sometimes looks like life without a plan.  When you are new to the principal's role you know you are supposed to observe and evaluate your faculty, yet so many factors get in the way.  Mike Zavada's Metamorphosis Framework is 9 steps to authentic and accountable professional growth that your faculty will appreciate. 

What is Horizon Scanning and How is it Best Done?

April 2020

There was no way you could have known the pandemic was coming.  We get that.  But what if we told you that there was a way that you could systematically and strategically prepare your school and your faculty for the worst so you can give your students the best.  The RoundTable team can give your executive team the tools it needs with Horizon Scanning to put your head on the pillow confidently at night knowing you are prepared for any situation. 

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